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A.’s Story: “T.G.I.F? More like T.G.I.F.U., guy.”

I’m walking down the street after work one Friday afternoon, enjoying the sweltering heat that has finally decided to grace us with its presence and thinking the cliched “T.G.I.F.” I hear a couple of insistent chirps and whistles coming from behind me as I walk by a white van. I’m listening to music loudly with … Continued

Hollaback!TO Launches Today: Share Your Story

Welcome to the Toronto chapter of iHollaback.org! The Hollaback!TO site officially launches today, April 15th, 2013. Here’s a brief rundown of what this site is about: . What is street harassment? Unwelcome words and actions by unknown persons in public places that invade a person’s physical and emotional space in a disrespectful, creepy, startling, scary, … Continued

“Nobody on the street stopped to help me.”

I was walking to meet a friend, and was walking fairly fast because I was already running late. A man started with the usual catcalling: “Hey sexy/Come over here/I wanna *know* you,” etc. I ignored him, as I usually try to do, but when I finally walked past him, he grabbed my arm and tried … Continued

“And your legs are…mmm, fantastic.”

I was on the way home, waiting for the subway. A middle-aged man asked me if I had been waiting long, and I replied that I had just been standing there a couple of minutes. As the subway train pulled up beside us, he said, “Can I just say, you are the most elegant woman … Continued