Street Harassment Sucks.

My boyfriend and I (I’m of a biracial Asian background and my boyfriend is Chinese, this detail matters) were walking across Spadina Street from the Kensington Market to buy a case for my Mac at the Chinatown Center.

As we were about to cross the street, a man in a 2003 Camry yells near the intersection “Hey Beautiful!” As anybody would upon hearing a loud noise, I turned to see the direction in which it was coming from. I was still pretty startled and assuming he was cat calling another poor girl when he called out again, “Yeah, you with the orange bag! Why you with a ch***?!”

I was so mortified when I realized I was the woman he was trying to call out to, and the person he was hurling abuse to was my amazing and loving boyfriend.

I’ve been home a couple of hours now, and have tried to process it with my SO, but it still makes me feel so powerless. Street harassment sucks.

Submitted By: Gabby

Location: Chinatown

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