Stop unsolicited sexualization of women 2k15

I was waiting outside Dundas station with my friend, smoking. It was in the middle of the week, an hour after rush hour died down so there were no hoards of people entering and exiting the station, just a few stragglers here and there. I was wearing my baggy painting clothes as I had just finished class. I noticed a middle aged man staring at me. I looked at him, held eye contact, and raised an eyebrow because what the hell, right??? He then proceeded to give me the kissy face as he walked off, probably on his way home to his wife and kids. Did you really think that was okay to do? Stop sexualizing young women standing on the street, smoking with their friends. Stop sexualizing women waiting for the bus. Stop unsolicited sexualization of women 2k15.

Submitted By: Emily

Location: Dundas Station