“I just felt so violated…”

Riding the University-Spadina subway line Northbound, I noticed an older man was stroking himself (he was wearing loose, threadbare sweat shorts with a small leather bag half covering his junk) while making direct eye contact with myself and another subway rider. I promptly moved seats and got off a station early, though I regret not pushing the emergency button when I had noticed. I just felt so violated, especially underground with no cell service and nowhere to go and wanted to escape the environment. Perhaps nobody noticed, but nobody said or did anything.

Physical description:

Age: 45-60

Race: Indian or Sri Lankan

Outfit: Black thread-bare baseball cap, black sweat shorts that had holes and were frayed at the edges, grey polo shirt and black sandals.

I believe he exited at Queen’s Park.

Location: University-Spadina Subway line

Submitted By: Jess