Has anyone else had issues with this man? Help Sandy.

I have been dealing with a nut for almost a calendar year.
He seems to have started a ‘war’ because I would not cheat on his GF with him. We have never had any kind of relationship.

Every time they have a serious fight, I start seeing him a lot in passing (stalking). I have also been cyber stalked and group stalked.

I don’t respond and right away his idiot friends start calling me, “SLUT!”, give me the finger, and sometimes obscene gestures. I also get ‘drive-bys’, when he or they will slow down or stop, stare at me and then drive away.They are frequently driving a few cars behind him. He passes by me, all straight faced, and then his buddies start in when I pass them.

The main idiot (leader of the pack) lives on Main St. W. opposite Whitney St. E. He is very tall, 30 to 40 years old, and usually has a a beard. He used to drive a very large, white older model car.I have heard that other women have complained about him.
Anyone else had any issues with this man?

Location: Hamilton

Submitted By: Sandy

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