Harassed by Authority Figures

In writing this won’t sound so alarming because the offender is actually a fare inspector for York Region Transit. He’s in a position of authority and supposedly protects passengers from harassment, therefore he’s not been stupid enough to commit outright harassment or assault in public. He’s at least in his 50s, tall and well built. He’s typically in the black and grey YRT uniform as opposed to the blue ones. I believe his hair is a combination of grey and black. He wears glasses and has dark brown eyes.

He has been doing this to me for months (I typically encounter him at Richmond Hill Center but have seen him at the Newmarket Terminal and other YRT bus stops as well). Whenever he spots me he starts whistling and nearing me (to the point of invading personal space). Yeah, in writing this doesn’t seem so frightening but in person it absolutely is. What makes this noteworthy is that it’s been happening without fail, every time he sees me, for at least half a year. I know for a fact he does not do this to other passengers. He must know that it makes me uncomfortable, yet he carries on relentlessly; this to me is the ultimate indicator of harassment and that he is very possibly someone who’s carried out assault. The lack of shame he has in disturbing and discomforting me, I find is really telling of his character; it reveals that he himself is comfortable and very well practiced in doing this. As a conventionally attractive young woman, I can definitely tell the difference between a predatorial man and one who’s innocently looking to catch the attention of a girl he fancies.

For the record I never engage with him, I’m always reading a novel and I make all efforts to distance myself from him (including entering the bathroom, surrounding myself by a crowd of passengers, etc.)

Submitted By: Angela

Location: Richmond Hill Center/ York Region Transit