Category: Verbal Harassment

“I spent a good 15 minutes lurking in the doorway and peering out into the night before I left and seriously considered taking a cab home due to the fear he might be waiting outside to make good on the desire he’d expressed earlier.”

Last Thursday, on my way from work to my workout, I was standing on the street corner waiting for the light to change, when a young man sidled up to me. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched him inch his way into my personal space. I could feel him staring at me … Continued

Over the years, it’s happened so many times…

My incident happened many many years ago – I’m a lot older than most of you – and I only decided on this one event, just to pick one, because over the years, it’s happened so many times, I’ve started thinking of those jerks like the garbage that’s overflowing on the night before pick-up. It … Continued

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Thursday May 14, 2015 Walking home in the sunshine just after 5PM when two guys pass by me in the opposite direction. They immediately start making comments about my butt and body in general. I kept walking and didn’t say anything but gave them the finger to express how I felt about their comments. They … Continued


This story was a little while ago. Maybe 2 years. It was early in the morn- maybe 7am- the TTC had a delay so I opted to walk to my transferring streetcar. As I walked along College, two men in their early 20’s drove by in a white pick up truck, screamed at me “HEY … Continued

Bullies on the TTC

I was on the 60 Steeles bus on the way to Finch station. I was sitting in the back when two European girls got onto the bus. They started mocking me because of the way I dressed and I look like a typical lesbian. They made kissing noises towards one another and made fun of … Continued

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As I was walking towards the bus stop near my friend’s apartment, an older man audibly called me “beautiful” and “gorgeous” upon passing him. I ignored him and continued crossing the street to reach the stop. As I stood there, I noticed him craning his neck to continue scoping me out until I boarded the … Continued


I was at an event at Osgoode Hall; I’m 19 and was going with an older friend. At the reception of the speaking event, I went ahead of my friend to get my coat. A man, by my reckoning at least 10 years my senior, walked across the room from the elevator to place his … Continued

The Ripple Effect

My story comes in a ripple of three public harassment instances. On my day off last Thursday afternoon, I ventured up to Shoppers World Plaza located in the East end of Toronto at Victoria Park and Danforth Ave. I just needed to run a few errands. As I exited the Metro grocery store on my … Continued