Category: Stalking


Some guy just tried to follow me into an unsupervised entrance to High Park station. He wasn’t heading in that direction. He was loitering, tried to hit on me and then when I ignored him, started following me. I turned around and walked back towards people and he finally headed off in the opposite direction. … Continued

Harassed by Authority Figures

In writing this won’t sound so alarming because the offender is actually a fare inspector for York Region Transit. He’s in a position of authority and supposedly protects passengers from harassment, therefore he’s not been stupid enough to commit outright harassment or assault in public. He’s at least in his 50s, tall and well built. … Continued

Creep City

Yesterday, outside the Food Basics at Parliament and Wellesley, my girlfriend was walking home and some creepy stranger tried to lure her into his apartment, and was very pushy about it and followed her on her way home even after she told him no, and to leave her alone, a bunch of times. Eventually she … Continued

Read Bilby’s Story of Assault

I was on my way home from the grocery store at about six pm walking my bike across the street/under the highway following the lights (you stop on an island after getting part of the way across). I was struggling with my bag because I clearly had overfilled it and wasn’t really paying attention to … Continued