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It Always Starts the Same

I was just waiting for the bus, and some guy would not leave me alone. It always starts the same, asking for a cigarette or something, then eyeing me inappropriately and being threatening. I could tell he was at least a little intoxicated. Submitted By: Anonymous IPhone App Location: Thunder Bay [got_back]

Hollaback!TO Launches Today: Share Your Story

Welcome to the Toronto chapter of! The Hollaback!TO site officially launches today, April 15th, 2013. Here’s a brief rundown of what this site is about: . What is street harassment? Unwelcome words and actions by unknown persons in public places that invade a person’s physical and emotional space in a disrespectful, creepy, startling, scary, … Continued

“Haven’t worn the fishnets since”

I was headed out to meet some friends on a Friday night, we were going dancing. I was wearing a black dress, sparkly flats and my favourite fishnets (flower-patterned, obviously awesome). As I was waiting on the subway platform, I suddenly became hyper self-conscious; I was alone, what if I attracted the wrong kind of … Continued