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Stop unsolicited sexualization of women 2k15

I was waiting outside Dundas station with my friend, smoking. It was in the middle of the week, an hour after rush hour died down so there were no hoards of people entering and exiting the station, just a few stragglers here and there. I was wearing my baggy painting clothes as I had just … Continued

Bullies on the TTC

I was on the 60 Steeles bus on the way to Finch station. I was sitting in the back when two European girls got onto the bus. They started mocking me because of the way I dressed and I look like a typical lesbian. They made kissing noises towards one another and made fun of … Continued

Harassed by Authority Figures

In writing this won’t sound so alarming because the offender is actually a fare inspector for York Region Transit. He’s in a position of authority and supposedly protects passengers from harassment, therefore he’s not been stupid enough to commit outright harassment or assault in public. He’s at least in his 50s, tall and well built. … Continued

Sexually Harassed on a Go Transit Bus

I was sexually harassed on a Go Transit bus to Toronto. One of the scariest experiences of my life. Luckily, I got away from the harasser and was able to snap a picture of him. He touched me while I was sleeping and I woke up right away and changed seats. Please keep your eyes … Continued

Street Harassment Sucks.

My boyfriend and I (I’m of a biracial Asian background and my boyfriend is Chinese, this detail matters) were walking across Spadina Street from the Kensington Market to buy a case for my Mac at the Chinatown Center. As we were about to cross the street, a man in a 2003 Camry yells near the intersection … Continued


Out for a run today when some pig decided to hang out the passenger window and make kissing gestures at me. He said something too but I had my headphones in so I didn’t hear it. Too bad he forgot he was in a company van. I emailed the company (Canada Wide Business) President/CEO, the … Continued

“I just felt so violated…”

Riding the University-Spadina subway line Northbound, I noticed an older man was stroking himself (he was wearing loose, threadbare sweat shorts with a small leather bag half covering his junk) while making direct eye contact with myself and another subway rider. I promptly moved seats and got off a station early, though I regret not … Continued