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Sexually Harassed on a Go Transit Bus

I was sexually harassed on a Go Transit bus to Toronto. One of the scariest experiences of my life. Luckily, I got away from the harasser and was able to snap a picture of him. He touched me while I was sleeping and I woke up right away and changed seats. Please keep your eyes … Continued

What can I do to help?

Eight years ago I groped a woman. We were talking and I spanked her on the butt playfully… She grabbed my hand away and told me off. Her strong reaction made me re-think my actions. If she had not spoken up I might have done it again, but I have not done this since. What … Continued

I wish I had caused a scene…

I was coming out of the church food-bank and was in the parking lot, and had paused to shift the weight of my grocery bags and gather my bus fare from my pocket etc. I was approached by a man who was also a client of the food-bank. He asked me for a hug, I … Continued

Read Bilby’s Story of Assault

I was on my way home from the grocery store at about six pm walking my bike across the street/under the highway following the lights (you stop on an island after getting part of the way across). I was struggling with my bag because I clearly had overfilled it and wasn’t really paying attention to … Continued

“I just felt so violated…”

Riding the University-Spadina subway line Northbound, I noticed an older man was stroking himself (he was wearing loose, threadbare sweat shorts with a small leather bag half covering his junk) while making direct eye contact with myself and another subway rider. I promptly moved seats and got off a station early, though I regret not … Continued