Bullies on the TTC

I was on the 60 Steeles bus on the way to Finch station. I was sitting in the back when two European girls got onto the bus. They started mocking me because of the way I dressed and I look like a typical lesbian. They made kissing noises towards one another and made fun of the fact that I had a cold.

One of the girls got up and sat in front of me while the other girl had her phone out and tried to discreetly take pictures/videos of what her friend was doing. She got up again and sat right next to me and it was obvious that she was taking pictures or videos of this happening. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to confront them or tell the bus driver.

When it was their stop, they got up and kept laughing at me. One of them stood in front of me to see if I would look up. After they left, they waited at the bus stop and mocked me more before the bus left the stop.

I feel powerless and I am constantly worrying about whether they are going to do anything bad with those pictures/videos. What should I do?

Submitted By: Kathy

Location: 60 Steeles bus