Stalking, Verbal Harassment

Creep City

Yesterday, outside the Food Basics at Parliament and Wellesley, my girlfriend was walking home and some creepy stranger tried to lure her into his apartment, and was very pushy about it and followed her on her way home even after she told him no, and to leave her alone, a bunch of times. Eventually she got rid of him, but he was very determined to get her into his home, and thought that calling her beautiful and alleging that he was a “good guy” would pursuade her. Creep city.

Submitted By: Jessica

Location: Parliament and Wellesley

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Groping, Verbal Harassment

“We left and I wanted to vomit” – Kara’s Story

On the evening of Monday, July 28, I was heading for dinner with a girlfriend on Roncys. We didn’t have a place in mind and as we walked and talked we decided to head to the Roncy Pub – she had been there before and the food was good, so we went in.

We were greeted by a typical server and took the booth closest to the front door. A few moments later, the same server came over to us and completely interrupted our conversation by reaching forward and grabbing my right arm with both his hands. I have tattoos on both my arms and apparently this was an invitation for him to touch me? I was too nervous to tell him to fuck off but this made my friend and I visibly uncomfortable and we made no eye contact with him. He then forcibly made us shake his hand to get our names after introducing himself (His name is ‘JAMIE’ and he is a bald douchebag). After attempting to make awkward small-talk with us while we ordered and waited for food, we decided we needed to eat and leave ASAP.

While still waiting for my friend to finish her meal, I finished my drink and he came over to ask me if I wanted another. I politely said, “No thanks, I’m fine” to which he responded, “You’re more than fine, don’t sell yourself short.” UM, NOT OKAY DOUCHEBAG.

We demanded the bill and attempted to pay as quickly as possible when he once again became fixated on my tattoos. This then sparked an argument between him and my dear French-Canadian friend where he said discriminatory/borderline racist comments about Quebecers. As we attempted to leave he once again forcibly made us shake his hand. We left and I wanted to vomit.


Submitted By: Kara

Location: The Roncy Public, 390 Roncesvalles Avenue

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Other, Verbal Harassment

Street Harassment Sucks.

My boyfriend and I (I’m of a biracial Asian background and my boyfriend is Chinese, this detail matters) were walking across Spadina Street from the Kensington Market to buy a case for my Mac at the Chinatown Center.

As we were about to cross the street, a man in a 2003 Camry yells near the intersection “Hey Beautiful!” As anybody would upon hearing a loud noise, I turned to see the direction in which it was coming from. I was still pretty startled and assuming he was cat calling another poor girl when he called out again, “Yeah, you with the orange bag! Why you with a ch***?!”

I was so mortified when I realized I was the woman he was trying to call out to, and the person he was hurling abuse to was my amazing and loving boyfriend.

I’ve been home a couple of hours now, and have tried to process it with my SO, but it still makes me feel so powerless. Street harassment sucks.

Submitted By: Gabby

Location: Chinatown

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Bystander Holla, Verbal Harassment

Mae takes the win!

It was around 11pm on the Bloor subway line in a nearly empty car. This guy sat right next to this woman and started to speak to her. Seeing she clearly didn’t want any of it, I moved seats and went to speak to her. We made up a conversation about the show we went to see. After several attempts to speak to her, he eventually gave up and left the seat beside her to go elsewhere. Win! :)

Submitted By: Mae

Location: Bloor subway


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Verbal Harassment

“As I stood there shaking, I thought to myself “why didn’t anyone step in?””

In my first weeks of living in Toronto and using the subway system, I was heading over to a friend’s place for dinner. I was sitting with my ipod in, when two men crossed from another part of the subway, stood directly in front of me, and started saying things such as, “hi” and “why aren’t you looking at us,” etc. I got up, after looking around at others noticing how uncomfortable I was, and was circled by the two men who started to say really inappropriate and sexual things to me. I pushed through and exited the subway as soon as possible.

The really frustrating part, as I stood there shaking off to the side, was that another man came over and said “you did the right thing, getting off. It’s not worth the hassle.” To which, my initial thought (that I kept to myself) was “and why didn’t anyone/you step in to stop them?”

Submitted By: Brit

Location: Christie and Bloor, subway

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Assault, Groping

I wish I had caused a scene…

I was coming out of the church food-bank and was in the parking lot, and had paused to shift the weight of my grocery bags and gather my bus fare from my pocket etc. I was approached by a man who was also a client of the food-bank. He asked me for a hug, I agreed (wrongly) thinking that a hug is a neutral, non sexual movement. He firmly (didn’t hurt) held me while he proceeded to suck my neck. I froze and high tailed it as soon as he let go, I wish I had caused a scene.

Submitted By: Pan P.

Location: Warden and Ellesmere

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Other, Verbal Harassment

“Why are you wearing that if you don’t want me to take pictures?”

So this guy just took pictures of me on the subway. Then said: “Why are you wearing that if you don’t want me to take pictures?”

Yes, this happens to women you know and love, on a Monday, at rush hour. And – NOT THAT IT MATTERS BUT – I was wearing respectable business wear and a puffy coat.

Thanks to the couple of WOMEN who helped me berate him.

Submitted By: Disgusted

Location: St. Andrew Station

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Other, Verbal Harassment


Out for a run today when some pig decided to hang out the passenger window and make kissing gestures at me. He said something too but I had my headphones in so I didn’t hear it. Too bad he forgot he was in a company van. I emailed the company (Canada Wide Business) President/CEO, the VP and Regional VP with a complaint.

Submitted By: Gina

Location: Lakeshore Blvd. West and Windermere Ave.

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