Assault, Groping

I wish I had caused a scene…

I was coming out of the church food-bank and was in the parking lot, and had paused to shift the weight of my grocery bags and gather my bus fare from my pocket etc. I was approached by a man who was also a client of the food-bank. He asked me for a hug, I agreed (wrongly) thinking that a hug is a neutral, non sexual movement. He firmly (didn’t hurt) held me while he proceeded to suck my neck. I froze and high tailed it as soon as he let go, I wish I had caused a scene.

Submitted By: Pan P.

Location: Warden and Ellesmere

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Other, Verbal Harassment

“Why are you wearing that if you don’t want me to take pictures?”

So this guy just took pictures of me on the subway. Then said: “Why are you wearing that if you don’t want me to take pictures?”

Yes, this happens to women you know and love, on a Monday, at rush hour. And – NOT THAT IT MATTERS BUT – I was wearing respectable business wear and a puffy coat.

Thanks to the couple of WOMEN who helped me berate him.

Submitted By: Disgusted

Location: St. Andrew Station

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Other, Verbal Harassment


Out for a run today when some pig decided to hang out the passenger window and make kissing gestures at me. He said something too but I had my headphones in so I didn’t hear it. Too bad he forgot he was in a company van. I emailed the company (Canada Wide Business) President/CEO, the VP and Regional VP with a complaint.

Submitted By: Gina

Location: Lakeshore Blvd. West and Windermere Ave.

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Verbal Harassment

“In some places you pay a fine for catcalling, why isn’t that the same here?!” Amen Sista!

There is a restaurant around here owned by a man named Jack. European establishment. I decided to try the place out since I had been curious on how good the food was. Well, I did not expect to get harassed in such a way in front of even children alongside their parents eating! I was trying to speak the language and order a dessert when a tall European male with a beer in his hand took some interest in me. I was keeping my focus on the man taking my order while I ignored this idiot who was clearly staring me down. The nerve. As I asked for the dessert he made a sexual reference joke. He repeated himself a few times in hopes I would answer. I was just not going to put up with it so I ignored him and walked on after I got my meal. Luckily, I ran into my dad while I was outside and pointed the guy out so he knew who this jerk was. If I ever see you again, I am taking a photo and posting it here. We should all brand these guys. THEY SHOULD FEEL ASHAMED OF THIS BEHAVIOUR. It isn’t right!

I wish I took of photo of every single harasser I ever had and posted it on here. Thank you ihollaback! Lets make this world a better place for everyone. In some places you pay a fine for catcalling, it is illegal, why isn’t that the same here in Canada!?

Submitted By: Anonymous

Location: Oakwood Ave at Rogers Rd

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Groping, Verbal Harassment

“You would be lucky if a guy like me even looked at your HAGGARD ass!”

I was on my way home from the grocery store at about six pm

Walking my bike across the street/under the highway following the lights (you stop on an island after getting part of the way across.

I was struggling with my bag because I clearly had overfilled it and wasn’t really paying attention to what was going on around me.

This large, sweaty, aggressive man appears out of no where and starts yelling at me asking for my number and telling me how sweeeeet I look. I avoided eye contact and got ready to jump on my bicycle the moment the light changed but before I had the chance to bomb off he stumbled and put his arm around me and called me his baby.

I told him that I didnt appreciate him touching me and pulled his arm off my shoulder and then he stumbled away while yelling “YOU WOULD BE LUCKY IF A GUY LIKE ME EVEN LOOKED AT YOUR HAGGARD FUCKING ASS!”

I left that interaction shaking and upset but thinking… at least he didn’t squish my avocados.

Submitted By: Bilby

Location: Jarvis and Lakeshore/Gardener

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Stalking, Verbal Harassment

“I thought I was finally free of this guy and AGAIN he followed me” – Read Gigi’s Story

When I first moved to Toronto, I was kind of naive. My first week here I was approached by a man while walking out of the Eg West subway station. He said hello, so I thought I would be nice and say hello back. He immediately went into a spiel about how he “just wants to find a nice white woman” and how the girls he’s been talking to are too nasty, talking about sex all the time. He then showed me a photo of a girl sucking a guy’s dick and told me that’s not the type of girl he wants to date. I said “Whoa, I don’t want to see that,” and tried to walk down the path.

He started to follow me, so I stayed put. He asked, so when are we going to get together and I said, “Oh, I have a boyfriend. He doesn’t like me getting together with strangers.” He then went into another spiel about how girls always say they have a boyfriend when they don’t want to talk to someone and they aren’t opening up to new people. He was right, but I still insisted that I did have a boyfriend.

He then started showing me pictures of some children and asked me, “don’t you want to meet my beautiful children?” I told him I had to get going and tried to walk away. He continued to follow me and told me I had to give him my number. I convinced him to give me his number instead. I thought I was finally free of this guy and again, started to walk away, and AGAIN, he followed me. He told me I should text him and make sure I had the right number. At this point I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want him to follow me home, so I texted him.

Over the next month I received a variety of texts from him. They would alternate between “when are we going to meet up beautiful” to “you racist fucking bitch/pig/slut/whatever.”

I didn’t respond to any of them.

Submitted By: Gigi

Location: Eglinton Avenue West Subway Station

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Assault, Verbal Harassment

What do you do when the police think it is harmless?

Walking towards Union Station along Queen Street West, I noticed a crowd of men in their 20s in front of the Scotiabank, jeering at passers-by. When I attempted to sidestep the bank and cross the street from McCaul St. to Duncan, I was “hugged” (I perceived it as an unwelcome mauling) from the back, and asked “where I thought I was going” and when I pushed away in disgust, I was told that “I was no fun”–the worst part, there were officers in a squad car passing by at the time, who just smirked, instead of offering to help. What was so amusing about the violation of my personal space? What do you do when the FILTH think the whole scenario was harmless?

Submitted By: S.

Location: Queen St. West and Duncan Street

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Other, Stalking

“Every time I walk my dog in the morning, I wonder if today’s the day he’s back”

Why are there so many postings where people have started with “hmm, which event should I write about?”

I’ll pick the honker.

I’d been walking my dog routinely for over a year in my neighbourhood before he started honking at me. The first few times I figured it was traffic related and didn’t bother to look. After hearing the honks every morning for four days in a row I realized he was honking at me. On the fifth day I looked up when the honking started and got a wave. That’s when it clicked; the honking I’d been hearing was never about traffic.

This continued for months. I altered my work schedule to avoid him but he’d still drive by and catch me with his honks. I altered our walk pattern, but by that time he knew what complex I lived in and would honk if he could see me between buildings. I refused to acknowledge hoping this would discourage him, but it didn’t. I captured his license plate and vehicle model/colour and texted them to a friend as a precautionary measure. That’s how unsettled this seemingly harmless honking had made me. It was the duration, and the fact that if I could avoid him for a few days I’d feel like it was over, only for him to catch me off guard again.

The one weekend he found me, I was walking my dog through an intersection and he started aggressively honking. It was loud and fast and frankly scared me because I thought a car was coming through the intersection (it has happened before) and that my dog and I were about to be hit. Can you imagine how mad I was when I looked up and found him waving happily at me? My adrenaline was sky high from fear of being hit.

One of my male friends, throughout the duration of the honking, insisted that it was nothing more than flattery. That I was the highlight of this man’s day. I couldn’t get it through to my friend that it was unwanted behavior being forced on me, and he made me doubt my own feelings towards the situation.

Then the honker found me in my car. I had just left for work after once again leaving earlier than normal to avoid him. Somehow it worked out so that he was able to drive up right beside me, roll down his window and give me that slow, creepy nod. Now he not only knew my residence but also my car information.

I considered reporting this to the police. Yet like others I didn’t. I held back because what was I going to report, that a man was honking at me once in a while? Regardless of it happening almost daily for approximately four months, he never stopped his car, never called out to me, he only honked.

Then he vanished.

I’m not sure what was worse, initially. Him honking regularly, or me wondering when he was going to drive up behind me and honk again when I least expected him to, startling me and making me once more hyper vigilant.

I haven’t seen him in four to five months now. Yet every time I walk my dog in the morning before work I wonder if today is the day he’s back.

Submitted By: Michelle

Location: McLevin and Tapscott, Scarborough

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