Other, Stalking, Verbal Harassment

Has anyone else had issues with this man? Help Sandy.

I have been dealing with a nut for almost a calendar year.
He seems to have started a ‘war’ because I would not cheat on his GF with him. We have never had any kind of relationship.

Every time they have a serious fight, I start seeing him a lot in passing (stalking). I have also been cyber stalked and group stalked.

I don’t respond and right away his idiot friends start calling me, “SLUT!”, give me the finger, and sometimes obscene gestures. I also get ‘drive-bys’, when he or they will slow down or stop, stare at me and then drive away.They are frequently driving a few cars behind him. He passes by me, all straight faced, and then his buddies start in when I pass them.

The main idiot (leader of the pack) lives on Main St. W. opposite Whitney St. E. He is very tall, 30 to 40 years old, and usually has a a beard. He used to drive a very large, white older model car.I have heard that other women have complained about him.
Anyone else had any issues with this man?

Location: Hamilton

Submitted By: Sandy

I've got your back!

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Groping, Other

“I just felt so violated…”

Riding the University-Spadina subway line Northbound, I noticed an older man was stroking himself (he was wearing loose, threadbare sweat shorts with a small leather bag half covering his junk) while making direct eye contact with myself and another subway rider. I promptly moved seats and got off a station early, though I regret not pushing the emergency button when I had noticed. I just felt so violated, especially underground with no cell service and nowhere to go and wanted to escape the environment. Perhaps nobody noticed, but nobody said or did anything.

Physical description:

Age: 45-60

Race: Indian or Sri Lankan

Outfit: Black thread-bare baseball cap, black sweat shorts that had holes and were frayed at the edges, grey polo shirt and black sandals.

I believe he exited at Queen’s Park.

Location: University-Spadina Subway line

Submitted By: Jess

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Verbal Harassment

Elena’s Courage

While waiting for the Bathurst night bus at the corner of Bloor and Bathurst, an older man approached me and propositioned me for sex work. He spoke quietly, so it was difficult to understand what he was saying at first, but when it became clear what he was asking, I became visibly angry and told him to fuck off. He then began trying to justify his request, so I started hollering loud enough that people down the block could hear. Once I had gotten the attention of some guys across the street, the man became embarrassed and tried to leave as quickly and inconspicuously as possible.

Location: Bloor and Bathurst

Submitted By: Elena

I've got your back!

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Assault, Groping, Stalking, Verbal Harassment

“I should not feel that afraid to be on my own”

I face street harassment constantly, every day. In fact, I’m finding it really difficult to focus on re-telling one single story (so I guess I’ll pick the ‘worst’ recent incident that comes to mind).
I was on a GO-bus travelling from Mississauga to Toronto a couple of months ago around 9pm, it was dark out and the bus was fairly empty. I was sitting in the back and the lights went out… I’m assuming so people could sleep during the remaining 25 minutes of the bus ride? Anyways, it was pitch black and a really strange, disheveled looking dude got up from the front of the bus and came to sit right beside me (despite there being a ton of empty seats). He started asking me what I was doing that night, where exactly I was going, etc. I realized that I didn’t have very many options at that point as I was sitting in the window seat and he was blocking me in, so I politely said I was busy working on something on my phone and made up a lie about my plans that evening. He then proceeded to grab my cellphone out of my hand and put his number into it. When I asked for my phone back, he replied, “yeah I’ll give it back in a second.” He continued to harass me for what seemed like a lifetime. He then got up, walked to the front of the bus and said something to the bus driver. Long story short – he asked the bus driver if he wanted to buy drugs, the bus driver very stealthily notified the police who arrested him at the next stop for dealing drugs and found weapons in his backpack (which was right next to my foot while he was sitting next to me).
Had he not gotten up and approached the bus driver, the situation could’ve been much worse for me.

Even if I’m alone and sitting in the back of a bus, even if it’s dark – I should not have to feel that afraid to be on my own.

Location: Go Bus

Submitted By: Amy

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Other, Verbal Harassment

It Always Starts the Same

I was just waiting for the bus, and some guy would not leave me alone. It always starts the same, asking for a cigarette or something, then eyeing me inappropriately and being threatening. I could tell he was at least a little intoxicated.

Submitted By: Anonymous IPhone App

Location: Thunder Bay

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Verbal Harassment

I hate the TTC

Racially abused and harassed by a man who blocked my way with his legs when I tried to move seats.

Submitted By: Sallie

Location: Vaughan TTC

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Verbal Harassment

Has this ever happened to you?

A man walked by me and called me a slut for no reason. Just another day.

Submitted By: Shannon

Location: Bloor St. West and Spadina

I've got your back!

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Verbal Harassment

The library is a peaceful place, right?

I was dropping off a book at the library after hours, and was walking out on Queen Street when a dude in his 20s with dreads was wheeling in on his bike. I had lots of grocery bags and he was coming in from a corner, which took me by surprise. I jumped aside and apologized (the super polite little me) as he went on calling me names and swearing at me, “You F***ING idiot, get out of my way” I was so shocked it took me some time to come to my senses. I was even more surprised when the words, “F off asshole!” came out of my mouth.
I walked away terrified that this will be it for me, and I heard 2 homeless men asking him if he was ok! Of course they wouldn’t have the brains to tell him this is not how one should speak to a lady…

Submitted By: Natou

Location: Parkdale Library

I've got your back!

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